Lady stirs reaction as she dumps boyfriend of 2 years for refusing to spice up their sxx life

A lady has caused a stirred reaction online after she ended her relationship because her boyfriend refusing to spice up their sexual life.

A Nigerian lady stirs reaction online after she dumped her 2 years boyfriend for refusing to do freaky things in bed.

The distraught boyfriend came to Twitter to seek help over the circumstances surrounding their separation.

In the messages, she insisted that she enjoyed BDSM and would love her boyfriend to get physical with her.

She also mentioned a desire for public sex and being tied up

In response to her unusual requests, @ustinangelo appeared surprised and concerned.

He questioned whether she was possessed by an evil spirit and expressed discomfort with her unusual demands.

One of the messages from the lady read;

“Each time I talk about it, you keep avoiding the conversation; you don’t care about my needs at all.”

He wrote;

“I didn’t sleep well last night, so devastated. And I put in a lot of effort to make it work. Her number not connecting.”

See netizens Reactions below:

@Ishow_leck said; “Firstly, if she’s complained to you about this before now, you pushed her away and I hope you gets what she wants later. Those choking and tie, she will get it. My problem with you was when you didn’t make u turn the moment she mentioned that to you, you were thinking you can avoid women’s cravings? Hun! They will get it somewhere else if they want it and it’s better she end it now. If not, it will be a disaster later. Enjoy the meal bro.”

@BossWhyt said; “Reading these things can really be funny. Let people of like minds date or marry each other. You can’t change people. Know this and know peace.”

See below;

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