Lady struggles with ATM machine that refused to release her money

A lady sparks stirs online after she held tightly to her N1,000 cash after an ATM machine refused to release it.

A beautiful Nigerian lady refuses to let go and holds tightly onto her ₦1,000 cash after the ATM machine refuses to release it.

This is contained in a fresh video which she captioned: ‘This ATM machine wants to see craze.’

In the said video, the lady could be seen holding on to the money, which was halfway almost seized by the ATM.

Despite the refusal of the ATM machine at an unnamed bank to release her complete ₦1,000 note, the lady holds tightly to it.

While at it, the voice of a man can be heard complaining bitterly about how the ATM machine could do such a thing to someone else’s money in this harsh economy.

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