Lady who lost husband last year, in a dilemma as new husband asks her to change her children’s surname to his

A young woman seeks for advice over her new marriage after her new husband asked her to change the name of her children bore in her previous marriage.

A young lady, who lost her husband last year, seeks advice from. Social media users over a dilemma she is facing in her current marriage.

The young woman, who already has children from her late husband, shared her story on social media as she reveal what her new husband want her to do.

According to the confused lady, her new husband is insisting on changing her children’s surname to his own.

The widow, who already has children from her previous marriage, seeks advice on how to handle the situation and make the right decision for her family.

In her words;

“I lost my husband last year, finally found a man to marry, but he wants my children to bear his name instead of my late husband. What can I do?

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