“Lagos is not a Yoruba land”- Seun Kuti


  • Seun Kuti is of the opinion that Lagos is not a Yoruba land but a no mans land.
  • This statement has led to the singer facing severe backlash on social media.
  • He asked people to know their history down to it root before making argument.

Popular singer, Seun Kutu is facing backlash after he claimed that Lagos is not a Yoruba land on his social media.

Seun Kuti, in his post, demanded that Nigerians should know their history down to its root and disclosed how Lagos State was formed

Seun further claimed that all elite Lagosians were once slave masters in the state when it was ruled and dominated by European masters

Amidst the tribal crisis caused by the three top political parties in Lagos State, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Labour Party (LP), and All Progressive Congress, (APC) Seun Kuti has come out to tell Lagosians the real owners of the state.

The Afrobeat artist went on Instagram to rant about the importance of history in society and why Lagos should never be referred to as “no man’s land” or ‘Yoruba land”.

Seun argued that Lagos is a Portuguese word whose geographical area was formerly known as the slave coast.

He wrote: “Lagos is no man’s land – WRONG. Lagos is Yoruba land – WRONG AGAIN. Lagos is a European satellite slave port – CORRECT!! “You don’t know Lagos!! #getthesax

“Hey, Ode look here, LAGOS IS A PORTUGUESE WORD. It is called the SLAVE COAST. Learn your history, you no go gree.

“Everyone moved to Lagos to SLAVE!! All Prominent Lagos Elites are SLAVERS. Defend your masters all you want!! #getthesax.

kent_edunjobi: “Is Lagos in Europe? Is Lagos in Nigeria? Is Lagos in the Southwest?”

payment_001: “Lagos means lakes in Portuguese, and it’s the language of the first Europeans to arrive at the land already long inhabited by the Awori which belonged to the Yoruba people. which means is a Yoruba Land.”

skukipeeshaun: “(1) Why is it called Lagos? (2) Why is it pronounced LAY-GOS… and not LAH-GOS? There’s a Lagos in Portugal and Russia and they are pronounced as LAH-GOS. (3) What does Lah-gos really mean? (4) Which colonial masters got here first, the Portuguese or the British? (5) Were the indigenes split amongst themselves and picked sides with different colonial masters? (6) If so, which colonial master eventually dominated the land? … and oh lastly about the IJEBUS.. sigh, should we unleash this history or not?”

williams_weelthy: You wan dey make me believe say wetin peter Okoye talk about you na true o … who sell today Igbo for you ? Abi if person too know book e dey make person dey misbehave ?

hairbalance_: “Lagos is a Yoruba Land , Because colonial masters came to trade their doesn’t mean it belongs too them, People where there before they came.”

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