Livestock farmer speaks of his growth and how he makes N30 million

Nigerian livestock farmer shared the amazing transformation of his piggery, how his investment moved from N270k to a monthly revenue of N30 million.

A Nigerian livestock farmer shares the story of how his piggery farm transformed from N270k investment in 2016 to a monthly revenue of N30 million.

This was made known during an exclusive video interview with a storyteller, Lucky Udu.

Dr Bakaida shared insights into the journey of his pig farming venture, emphasizing the astonishing growth it has experienced since its inception.

According to the farmer, he initially began his farm with just nine pigs, but that his farm now houses over 1000 pigs with an estimated value exceeding N100 million.

“In 2016, I ventured into pig farming with about nine pigs which I bought around N270,000. At that time, I didn’t have a structure to keep the pigs, so I kept them in an uncompleted building. That was how I continued to nurture them until they became what they are today. I have over 1000 pigs in my farm worth over N100 million,” Dr Bakaida said.

The entrepreneur went on to point out the economic potential of pig farming, asserting that the business could generate up to N500 million annually.

“Pork meat is useful for many things. In addition to its popularity as a standalone meat product, it can be used in the production of confectioneries such as gala, some biscuits, and other snacks,” he added.

Netizens Reactions…
Bettergirl Okechukwu Enoch said; “I know him, he is a very ambitious man. I knew when he started this pig farm, then he was also in poultry too. The man na hustler abeg and above all he is a giver so whatever he enjoys today, he worked for it years back in Aba.

Ekene Palazo Backup reacted; “Before you consider it, check his time he started 8 years ago. It’s not that easy.”

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