Madonna now dating 29-year-old boxer after dumping her 23 year ex boyfriend


  • American pop singer is dating 29 year old boxer, Josh Popper shortly after breaking up with her 23 year old ex boyfriend.
  • The singer was seen cuddling with her new boyfriend in several instagram snaps.
  • Madonna shared several photos on instagram with captions such as “In a male driven culture, there are always exceptions”.

Madonna has a new man in her life following her split from model boyfriend Andrew Darnell, 23.

American singer, Madonna is now dating 29-year-old boxer Josh Popper after breaking up with her 23 years old boyfriend Andrew Darnell.

Josh has been training one of her children at Bredwinners gym in New York City.

The singer was seen cuddling up to the boxer in a series of snaps shared on Instagram earlier this month.

Madonna wrote in the Instagram post: “In a male driven culture, there are always exceptions.”

She followed this what a photo of her embracing a punching bag captioned: “Hard to ignore the reality… that most women get demolished.”

Popper also shared the photo on his own account, where he included a second photo with his arm wrapped around the pop star, flanked by three friends as they pose outside a boxing ring.

Sources told Dailymail that this public display of affection wasn’t just for show and that Madonna and Popper have been seeing each other romantically.

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