Man calls out his colleague who gave him N10K out of N450K profit from job he gave him

A Nigerian man has called out a colleague for giving him N10k out of the N450 profit he made from a business deal he gave him.

A Nigerian man has called out a colleague of his who gave him N10K out of the N450K profit on a business deal he handed to him.

The X user identified as Pablohoggs took to his social media platform to lament about how disappointed he was over the insulting gift from his associate.

According to Pablo, he handed this individual a business deal that fetched him N450K profit, even though he could have done the job by himself.

However, he felt insulted when his colleague gave him a stipend of only N10K as a form of appreciation

He concluded never to recommend the individual for any future deals.

In his words;

“I gave you a deal of N450,000 (a deal I can do myself) i just wanted you to eat & smile, you execute the deal, got paid.

This guy gave me N10,000

Are you expecting another deal from me? 🙄
For those asking:

  • Yes, 450k is the profit he made from the deal.
  • No, we never made any agreement on the deal.
  • How much am I expecting? No specific amount but not 10k
  • I’m not feeling entitled but gratitude goes a long way and births another deal.”

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