Man changes mind about donating kidney to his girlfriend after find out she’s cheating

A Nigerian man known as Gesture narrates how he changed his mind about donating his kidney to his sick girlfriend after he discovered that she was cheating.

A Nigerian man known as Festus narrates how he changed his mind about donating his kidney to his sick girlfriend who needed one after he found out she was cheating.

He revealed that she kidney failure and he offered to donate her a kidney; but did not proceed after learning that she was having an affair.

Festus claims that everything unraveled when she was ready to enter the operating room on the day of the procedure, and he took her phone and called her mother to ask for prayer for a successful outcome of the surgery.

He revealed that before he could nake the call, another call came in at that moment, and before he could say anything, the caller with a matured voice was weeping.

Before he could say anything the caller continued by expressing optimism about the outcome of the surgery, and promised to fly back to Nigeria to propose to her so they can get married after the procedure.

Festus said that the call had shocked him and he decided to leave the operating room with his kidney intact.

His words …

“She developed kidney issues and I was meant to do a kidney transplant. Out of love, I agreed to donate one my kidneys to her. After the necessary tests, we were set for the transplant.

On that fateful in the operation room she asked me to use her phone to call her mum to pray for her. I picked up the phone to dial her mum’s number and immediately a call came through with the name “papi”. I picked up the phone call only to hear a matured man weeping.

He didn’t even let me talk and started asking “how are you my princess, I believe you can make it, it’s quite unfortunate that I’m not in your country currently, I promise to make it up to you when I’m back. I’ll propose and we’ll get married. Please be strong for me.

I ended the call. I was dumbfounded and lost. I left her and walked out of the operating room with my kidney. Ah no do again. She didn’t bother calling me cux I guessed she found out I picked her call.”

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