Man cries out for help after losing his mother’s N8 million savings to Sporty bet

A young man cries for help on social media after losing his mother’s N8 million savings on sport betting.

A young man has takes to social media to cry out for help after losing his mother’s entire savings of N8 million on sports betting.

The man, whose identity is undisclosed, reportedly used his mother’s savings to bet in a bid to make huge gains.

This was shared on X by popular influencer, Shola after the young man reached out to him in private.

Alongside the appeal, Shola also provided proof of the staggering losses incurred by the young man.

“8M gone like that and it’s not even his money. Y’all better slow down on this bet addiction,” Shola caption reads.

According to the evidence shared by Shola, the young man initially was lucky enough to secure some winnings amounting to N2.1 million.

However, his brief success didn’t last long. His following bets led to continuous losses, eventually resulting in the complete depletion of the entire N8 million stake.

See the post below:

Netizens Reactions…
@Selfmadeceleb3 said; “All these bets influencers should be tracked and arrested, their influence is really leading people to loss than profit.”

@YachamBulus said; “The bet company should be close why would they allow a user to play bet for that amount, what happen to fair play?”

@Adasu_d_gr8 said; “One thing is certain, you either stop gåmbling or gåmbling will st0p you. “No two ways About this.”

@OmepaKogi_ said; “You want to gamble you did not gamble on physical humans you went to gamble 8M on computer virtual games.”

@King_Shunal said; “Ever since I used my last card to play by and slept hungry, woke up again and had no hope to eat, I shed a tear, knelt down and decided that I’ll never play bet again but I still played today.”

@jayfund11 said; “Advice of the day. “Stake responsible . “Don’t borrow to stake. “Don’t use your house rent to stake. “Don’t use your school fees to stake. “Don’t thief money to stake. “Stake what you can afford to lose.”

@Irunnia_ said; “I want to believe this is scam. This update don cast. “You put 8m for sporty and na virtual you use am play?”

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