Man dragged for breaking up with his understanding girlfriend of 5 years

An American man cause uproar online after revealing how he ended things with his girlfriend of 5 years despite the lady being perfect.

An American man causes uproar on social media as he reveals how he ended things with his girlfriend of 5 years, despite her being perfect.

He took to his TikTok account, @scarfacemark, where he is being dragged after he posted the video.

According to him, they had been dating for 5 years and he also admitted that she is a perfect woman and every man’s dream.

He also emphasized that she used to give him her car when he was broke, pay for his food, bills and held him down when he was not well-to-do.

However, despite her kindness to him, he could not find it in him to love her, so he ended the relationship.

He believes that even though she was perfect, she was not perfect to him.

Admittedly, she has raised his standards for what to find in a woman and even though he might not find somebody exactly like her, he is willing to find somebody else he can actually fall in love with.

Watch the video below:

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