Man drags wife to court for giving birth to an SS child despite that he is AA

Man drags his wife to court over suspicion of paternity fraud after discovering that their son is SS despite his genotype being AA and his wife AS.

A distraught man drags wife to court over suspicions of paternity fraud after finding out that their son is SS, despite his genotype and that of his wife makes that medically impossible.

The confused man made his plight known while speaking in court on 9jacasefiles, as he narrates how he found out about the situation.

He revealed that despite being AA and his wife AS, when their son got to 2 years, he was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, making him SS.

He claimed that the test was carried out twice on their and that they (husband and wife) had to undergo another test, which still showed that they were AA and AS.

The man emphasised that he is fed up with the whole situation and decided to up in for a DNA test.

His wife on the other hand admitted that all he had said was true, however, he should have come out straight to say what he had in mind about the DNA test rather than displaying different attitudes that didn’t sit well with her.

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@afrisagacity said: “If he’s AA, the wife is AS, and the child is SS, then a chance of him fathering the child is 0%.

This can’t be categorically called a Paternity Fr@ud. The possibility of a child-swap could be there. However, wish to see the result of the second test the Judge ordered. That could explain better and give true facts.”

@shurley_bankz said: “I swear on my life, I’ll do DNA test for all of my children. E no go better love”

@temmyponle said: “DNA is needed immediately after birth before going home for any naming ceremony honestly.

By doing this, the real father will take up responsibility from the hospital, starting from hospital bills and pampers”

@Sirdhino said: “As a man immediately your child is born and you can afford it, carry out that DNA immediately”

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