Man heartbroken after finding his final year project in dumpster

A man has lamented on the state of his final year project work which he meticulously researched and spend N300k on after it was submitted to his school.

A man identified as via his TikTok handle as Praise Akinlami has been left heartbroken after finding his project work in a dumpster.  

According to him, his meticulously researched work was found by his friend who stumbled upon copies of his final year project work that was discarded in the trash bin.

This broke his heart since he invested his time and other resources into the project.

See reactions below:

@CHAIRMAN said; “You want to graduate or not?”

@Iam_deefederal said; “Don’t involve government yet abeg na final year I dey. Make I finish first before I hear say something do something.” 

@iamedric1 commented: “The essence of the project is for you to learn or prove what you have learnt. You don’t expect them to hold it forever.

@celeb asked: “So what are they supposed to do with the project?”

@MARTYNS.CI said: “Always end up in the dumpster after spending so much money. Waste! The most painful part is that they never read it.”

@two-facechefunlimited commented: “Guy I spent 300k for the project plus 80 to soft my lecturer up.”

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