Man looks for his TikTok girlfriend after she stole from him.

A Nigerian man has declared his TikTok girlfriend wanted after she stole his fan, gas cylinder, curtains and phone during her first visit to him.

A Nigerian man declared his TikTok girlfriend wanted after she stole his TV, fan, phone, cotton, and gas during her first visit to his house.

This was shared on TikTok and has since attracted the attention of many.

In the post, the man shared a photo of the lady who stole from along with a long note claiming she is wanted after visiting his house for the first time.

He revealed that she had planned to spend three days with him. On the day she arrived, they slept together, and he left for work the next day, leaving her alone in the house with his phone, as she had requested.

Upon returning from work, he discovered that she had stolen many of his belongings and fled the house.

His statement: “We are looking for this lady; she’s my girlfriend. We met on TikTok, and we’ve been dating for the past six months.”

“We had a small issue last month, but we settled it. She came to visit on Monday, April 8, 2024. She told me she came to spend three days with me, and I agreed. We slept together on the first day.”

“On the second day, I woke up early and told her I was going to work, giving her some money and my phone to watch films.”

“When I returned in the afternoon, my house was empty. She took my phone, gas cylinder, standing fan, television, and cotton. If anybody knows this girl’s location, please DM me. Thanks. Fear women.”

“She took them one by one, and the only thing left to see was my gas cylinder. Even when someone mentioned that we were refilling gas, she didn’t respond.”

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