Man narrates how lady travelled 10hrs to cheat with her ex-lover, months after arriving UK with boyfriend

A man shares a story of how a lady arrived in the UK with her boyfriend only to travel 10 hours to cheat with an ex-lover.

Man shares the story of how a lady who arrived in the UK with her boyfriend in January travelled for 10 hours to cheat on him with an ex-lover.

The story was shared by an X user known as @Iampenlord who revealed that the lady’s boyfriend is a friend of his.

According to the story, the lady and her boyfriend travelled to the UK just this January and their trip was solely sponsored by him.

However, in March she traveled from Dundee to Plymouth which is a 10 hours journey to sleep with her ex lover.

@Iampenlord revealed that the couple cannot breakup because the lady is the main applicant on their visa.

Read the full account below:

“My friend came to UK with his babe on skilled worker visa, he sponsored every single penny they spent about 30m plus. They landed in UK early January. Few days ago, the babe traveled 10hrs from Dundee (in Scotland) to Plymouth (in England) to go and have sex with her ex. This is an ex that has always causing lot of fight between them since they were in Nigeria, my guy has always wanted her to cut contact with the ex, but her excuse has always been “we are ex not enemies”.

Now my guy cannot break up, because they came into the UK as couple and the girl is the main applicant on their visa, which means if my guy want break up/divorce, the babe can sand him back to Nigeria (being the main applicant on their visa). So he’ll have to sleep and wake up everyday in the same room with a lady that cheated on him till God knows when💔

How he found out? He got debited over £100 on his bank for transportation (train) and he was surprised cos he didn’t use train throughout the week and the only person that have access to the card aside him is the babe, so definitely she was the one that used train, where did she go that she had to pay over £100 for train, he got hold of his babe phone and check her WhatsApp as expected, she had the whole cheating planned out with her “bestie”.

(I made this post with the permission of my friend).”

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