Man rants at his girlfriend’s DM after she used his debit card to buy herself new hair

A lady has shared her boyfriends reaction after she used his debit card to buy a new wig without his permission.

A young lady had shared her boyfriend’s reaction on TikTok after she bought a wig with her boyfriend’s debit card without his consent.

According to the story, she visited her boyfriend and when leaving, she decided to take his debit card along.

She used it to purchase for herself a new wig and other items.

The boyfriend quickly rushed to her DM after he began receiving debit alerts.

He ranted about how she always take his card without his permission or consent.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:

See how people reacted:

@kachibeautylifestyle said: “beg am na.. use the card go and buy him apology gift please,he don too try abeg😭😭🤣😂”

@Katherine❤️ 🦋 wrote: “Me wey transfer money from my man account… he had to call his bank to put the money on hold for the person account o😂”

@She Bella 🧿🧿🧿🧿 said: “But dear all jokes aside tell him when you want to take it okay . He might not get mad now but oneday he will and it will be over protect it now”

@_Eri wrote: “premium bad character 😂😂 anyways where did you meet this guy I mean which exact spot I want to try my luck”

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