Man sad as he loses N200K to sports betting

A Nigerian man sheds hot tears after losing N200k he won on a betting platform.

A Nigerian youth sheds hot tears after winning N200K on a sports betting platform only to lose them to the betting platform.

A viral video showed the heartbreaking moment the teenager found himself in a dilemma.

He had won the sum of N200K on the sports betting platform and decided to try his luck for bigger wins only to lose it all.

His first stake was a whopping N40K but he unfortunately lost to the system.

He reduced his stake to N10K at a time and continued losing the cash bit by bit until he lost all the N200K.

Watch the video below:

Reactions below:

benbills007 said: “That’s one thing about betting 😂..You go win,but the day them go collect all your money,you fit cry that day 😂.”

dansky_exchange opined: “Bet is never a way of making money…the home surely wins…YOU’LL LOSE YOUR MONEY.:

mcjblazedwfc opined: “If we dash am Money now him go still carry Man U to win or draw 😂😂😂.”

king_cozzy_ noted: “Money wea him for use buy new bedsheets 😂😂😂😂.”

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