Man sentenced to 8 years in prison after spending millions on his girlfriend

A Nigerian man has been sentenced to 8 years in prison after he extravagantly spent some money on his girlfriend to establish her.

A Nigerian man has reportedly been sentenced to 8 years in prison just after spending to establish his girlfriend.

This heartbreaking story was shared on TikTok by user @princeolaoflondon and has since generated a lot of attention online.

According to the narration by @princeolaoflondon, the boyfriend went to great lengths to make sure his girlfriend was comfortable, renting an apartment and opening a large store for her.

However, the relationship was not trouble free as they son got into trouble in their relationship when the couple faced disagreements, prompting the girlfriend to seek solace in the hands of another man who is an accountant.

Every time the couple had a disagreement, the girlfriend would bring other men to the apartment her boyfriend rented.

This frustrated her boyfriend greatly making him to take some drastic actions.

In an attempt to put an end to his girlfriend’s unfaithfulness, the man organize some boys to confront any man she brought to the apartment.

Unfortunately for an accountant, who happened to be the next man brought to the apartment, he was brutally assaulted by the boys.

The assault was so severe that the accountant suffered some internal bleeding.

This led to legal trouble for the angry boyfriend and his friends. The boyfriend, now convicted, has been sentenced to eight years in prison for the assault.

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@kanayo o kanaƙk_ reacted; “This is why I use them for ritual.”

Adelyjoke said; “I don’t know why we good girls can’t find good guys…good guys always end up with bad guy.”

Omalicha said; “They won’t see good ones like us mtcheews.”

Larryhairstudio reacted; “That girl go marry another man enjoy her life wella noww.”

GoldenG LEK said; “I must give you belle before I can spend that type of money to a lady.”

FOYOVO JEREMIAH Maybach said; “Hakimi still remains my role model till date abeg.”

Best_man said; “Once he come out from prison make he off the girl family light.”

Chris said; “Give her belle before you marry here.”

Derrick Oxomms said; “I don tell men no matter what no follow girl go her house. Only at your place u can be safe.”

Tiwalola Folakemi reacted; “Dem go see we wey get good heart dem no go follow Us.”

$Destiny Savage said; “True talk. But girl wey I dor give my life for her. I rather die than to see another man take her from meg. Dead body go to many for the wood.”

Benet Asuku said; “Marry before you invest and even at that, know who you are investing in.”

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