Man shares how a lady cheated on her fiance just to raise money for their wedding

A Nigerian man, Victor Asemota has shared a true life story about the extreme measure a lady took to raise money wedding which involved her cheating on n her husband to be.

A Nigerian man identified as Victor Asemota has shared a story about the extreme length a lady went to raise money for her wedding which involved her cheating on her husband-to-be.

According to Asemota, he knows the couple personally and was totally bewildered at the lady’s actions.

The young man took to X to narrate the shocking incident, expressing his disbelief as he struggled to comprehend the rationale behind the woman’s actions.

This revelation was in reaction to a X user story about a girlfriend who had been unfaithful while ostensibly assisting him in his search for internships and jobs.

“Chai!!! I will say that I have seen this but never understood it. A lady was cheating on her groom to fund their wedding. That thing still does my head in,” Asemota wrote.

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