Man visits shrine in Ijebu to seek justice for Mohbad’s death (video)

A fan of Mohbad, has taken a drastic step after going to a shrine to seek for justice over Mohbad’s death.

A fan of late singer, Mohbad, has takes a drastic step after he visited a shrine to seek justice for the singer’s death.

The unidentified man stood before his ancestral gods in Ijebu, with a bottle of alcohol, and made fervent incantations, accusing celebrities like Sam Larry, Zinolesky, and Naira Marley of having knowledge of Mohbad’s demise.

In the viral video the man is seen invoking curses on the trio, while wishing that evil should befall anyone linked to the singer’s alleged death.

He beseeched the deities, particularly calling upon the Ijebu deity, to take punitive action against those he believes might have been involved.

He said in part;

“I greet you owners of this world. I have brought before you the matter of Sam Larry, Zinolesky, and Naira Marley because of that Mohbad guy, Sam Larry, Naira Marley, Zino, you all know about that boy’s death.”

Netizens Reactions:

@robyekpo commented; “Mohbad was indeed loved but the sad part is that why wait for him to die before showing him this massive love when he needed it alive?”

@dr_phili commented; “Wow, for someone to be loved like this, I can just imagine how far he would gotten in life. Indeed he was a glorious child.”

@braids_by_georgia reacted; “Death wey pain every Nigerian.”

@_stillpushing reacted: “I support! Anything to eradicate Sam Larry and all Marians record!!!”

@braids_by_georgia said: “God will judge all those who killed Imole, una no go see mole for una life.”

@your_girlfee commented; “This guy death is nt sumtin dah should be handled with clr eyes, go spiritual at diz point na to use jazz.”

@iahblez3310 reacted; “If them dey chop others swallow before, this one go hook them for throat.”

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