Married woman dragged for turning Semo for husband despite being on drip

A married woman has been chastised online and by her husband after she reportedly turned semo for him despite being sick and on drip.

A married woman has been chastised online and also by her husband reportedly turns Semo for him despite being ill and on drip.

The businesswoman identified on Facebook as Eniola Fagbemi Sisialagbo, where she is quite famous for her sales of herbal remedies said that she had to do it because of her love for her husband.

Eniola said her illness stemmed from the blood she had donated to some of the victims of the Ibadan blast and was feeling down with malaria because it was her first time.

She called a nurse who administered drip and injections to her but due to the fact that she did not want to leave her husband hungry, she decided to turn Semo for him.

On getting home and discovering what she did, her husband chastised her for the act, telling her to not stress herself but she refused to stop, saying that it is a sign of true love.

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