Medical doctor narrates how a man was stomped to death while hustling for N10k rice

A medical doctor has narrated how a man got trampled to death while trying to queue for a bag of rice selling at N10,000.

A Nigerian medical doctor has revealed how a man got trampled to death during a pandemonium while trying to queue for rice selling at N10k.

The incident was reported by the doctor on her account on the X app, @yemoka.

According to her, the man was brought to her hospital by the wife when it was too late because nobody was available to bring them.

According to the narration, this happened while they were on queue and he fell down but before he could get up others stomped on him during their struggle.

She also added that a pregnant woman was also pushed into the gutter.

The doctor’s tweet below;

“A man just died in my hospital, he was stomped on after falling at the custom office trying to get rice. He was on the queue with his wife when he fell down and couldn’t get up on time which resulted to people stamping on him. So sad. Survived by very young children. Naija 😢😢”

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