“Men don’t forgive cheating easily” Seun Jimoh àdvises women against confessing infidelity

Nigeria actor, Seun Jimoh has advised women to never confess their infidelity to a man because they never forgive infidelity.

Famous Nigerian actor, Seun Jimoh has advised women never to confess their infidelity because men don’t forgive cheating by their women.

The actor revealed this in a post on his Instagram page. Jimoh cautioned ladies against telling their partners about their extramarital encounters or adultery.

The actor noted that his advice is stemming from the fact that men don’t forgive infidelity, women should keep their transgressions.

He wrote: “Dear female, I know this may be a hard pill for men to swallow, if you ever by mistake cheat on your man, don’t ever confess! keep it between you and God.

“Men don’t forgive cheating and if they forgive you, they will hold it over and punish you with it for the rest of your life.”

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