Men engage in road rage, break each other’s windscreen (video)

A viral video going round in social media captured the moment two men took road rage to another level, broke each other’s windscreen.

Two men took road rage to another level after they fought dirty and broke each other’s windscreen in the street of Lagos.

The video which has gone viral online, the two men where engaged in a heated argument before proceeding to smash each other’s car.

The course of argument is unknown but while fighting they were encouraged by bystanders who gave them tips on where to do the most damage.

Watch the video by clicking the link below:

See reactions below:

nellynells_ said: 2 mechanics rejoicing

sir_eltee wrote: They created unnecessary expenses for themselves. Road rage never leads to a happy ending. They let anger dictate, resulting in unnecessary car destruction.

topman_tech said: They will leave that scene and realize that they should have handled it better. Immature adults. Smh. More dam.age has been made.

andrewbills__ wrote: After all, the westerners aren’t wrong for calling some blacks animals, why exactly would you guys ruin your property just to prove a point?

babajideedges1 said: Lagos isn’t a real place. For Lagos ehn, there are possibilities that you’ve insulted fought your helper or your future in-laws in traffic.

victorious_stitches insists: Road safety and Vio should arrest them.

esteshia said: Nigerians really like wahala 😂them say na burst the tire 😂😂😂

kizobillz said: Mental health awareness needs to be taken serious in this country, people when nor well too plenty 😂

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