Messi warms heart as he signs fans Jersey mid-traffic

Argentina footballer, Lionel Messi wins the heart of many after he respectfully picked and signed a jersey thrown at him by an excited fan.

Argentina footballer, Lionel Messi earns the praise of many social Media users after he respectfully picked up a jersey thrown at him to sign by a fan.

In a video that has attracted over 100k likes on TikTok, the footballer was seen in his car heading to an unknown destination when it happened.

While at it, he was stopped in the middle of the road by excited fans for him to sign his jersey for him.

One of his fans, who had a jersey with him at that moment, threw the jersey at the footballer from his car.

Rather than take offense, the footballer picked up the jersey, signed it, and respectfully handed it back to his fans.

The fan, upon receiving the jersey, couldn’t contain his joy and shouted in excitement.

See some reactions below:

Ashley: “Legends never die, Messi is the true GOAT”

wolvezz7z: “He threw it at him, But he gave it back with such respect… Messi is such a great person.”

nawar.oc: “Ronaldo signed mine mid air when our planes were side by side.”

TomaTo: “they stopped the whole road🫠.”

AJ Correia: “Dude just secured a house with that jersey.”

user39237576790187: “you just happened to have a argentina jersey in ur car?”

Dan2119: “Bro if someone threw a jersey at me and said sign it in the middle of rush hour I’d be arrested for road rage.”

Mark A: “Just driving around with a Messi jersey and a sharpie, just in case.”

Who Be This: “messi is a legend, despite the disrespectful way the guy threw it at him, he gave it back with too much respect.”

Fyrr: “Messi you’re a legend bro.”

FURI0USK1LLER: “not me wondering what car is messi driving.”

O.p: “Imagine if it wasn’t a permanent marker and u come back home and they washed ur shirt.”

Orchid Lore: “This is why we can’t have nice things in Miami. 😆 Bless his heart!! Not only was he stopped in traffic but also called a ‘boludo’. He’s awesome!!”

Rocky Raccoon: “It’s all about respect the Goat handed it to the man didn’t throw it at him.”

BlackForce: “bro got business opportunities in a traffic now the T-shirt worth more than 100k.”

🤷🏽‍♂️: “What a gentleman he is. He handed it back didn’t throw it. Class act.”

user452026133030: “Driving a van so nobody sees who he is is crazy. Normal man, with super powers.”


That thing was SCHMOVING 🤣 @Rubbin’ is Racing (via @Adam)


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