“Mohbad’s mother never abandoned him” — Mohbad’s aunt debunks abandonment rumors

The aunt of late singer, Mohbad has cleared the air after news git out that Mohbad’s mother abandoned him for 15 years.

Mohbad’s aunty clears the air on allegations that Mohbad’s mother abandoned him when he was a boy.

According to the rumours going round social media, Mohbad’s mother abandoned him when he was just a child.

His aunt while debunking this rumors stated that his mother never abandoned him but they were rather seperated.

She explained that when his parents got separated, they shared the three children among themselves and she took only the last born she could cater for.

Mohbad’s aunt also noted that the mother was constantly in contact with the children she left with her ex husband.

Watch her speak below:


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