Mom on rampage after teacher beats her 9 year-old son and gave him a swollen eye (video)

A mother confronts a public school teacher after giving her 9 year old child a swollen eyes during punishment.

An angry woman has confronted a public school teacher for giving her 9-year-old son a swollen eye and refusing to take responsibility for his actions.

In a viral video, the mother of the child was seen quarrelling the teacher for manhandling her child during a disciplinary action on the child.

According to the mother, what made sher very angry was the teachers unconcerned reaction despite beating her child and leaving him with a swollen eyes.

Other teacher could be seen pleading with the parent while the teacher in question looked on without remorse.

“I have never seen a wicked teacher like this, I was so pissed, and one of the teachers is even trying to take my phone from me,” she wrote while sharing the video.

Reactions to the video below:

Kimberly wuraola 💕 said: “You no first help me punch his own eye too …make dat mummy better stand up 😏rubbish.”

RastaDad added: “Heaven knows,actually,God knows,if you do this to my only son,I will unal*ve you and I’ll do the time.”

Queen🦋Bella🖇️🌷🦋 stated: “Na I take go beat my brother teacher o😂😂wen she flog my brother head swallow up.”

Itunuoluwa said: “i go first use teeth tear him body,then soilder go dey involve 💯💯💯.”

Watch the video below:

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