Moment actress Ekene Umenwa fell on her kneels as Moses Bliss perform at her wedding reception

A trending video of nollywood actress, Ekene Umenwa leaving her husband to kneel for Moses Bliss at her wedding set tongues wagging.

A video of popular actress, Ekene Umenwa leaving her husband, Ifeanyi Ogbodo, to kneel for Moses Bliss as he was performing at their wedding reception sparks mixed reaction.

In the video, the actress could not contain her excitement on seeing the gospel artist who she did not expect to see at her wedding.

As he started performing, she rushed towards the singer, fell on her knees and hugged his legs in joy.

This show of excitement did not sit well with Netizens who dragged her for the over show of excitement.

Watch the video below:

See reactions below:

cindyabazie wrote: “She knelt as she felt Gods presence….. she’s kneeling for God ooo, akproko make una rest . Is the husband complaining”

dubizkreation_braids commented: “Until you encounter God and understand the power of his presence, you will never understand this video 👌

GOD IS REAL💯❤️❤️❤️”

billionshealthyfood stated: “She should have balanced things. It’s okay to be excited, to kneel, acknowledge God’s presence/His servant, but she shouldn’t have ignored her hubby too. After kneeling as he was helping her to stand, a gentle or passionate hug to her husband would have been great. But instead she was doing as if him no matter. The hubby even felt awkward or left out in the moment…check am now…if the table was turned, won’t she feel somehow too?”

ojorojodennis reacted: “I can’t tolerate such public disrespect on my person as ur husband…she’s trying to end the marriage b4 it starts….odiegwu”

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