Moment bride collapsed while giving wine to husband on wedding day

A Nigerian bride goes viral after collapsing on her wedding day.

A trending video on social media captures the viral moment a Nigerian bride collapsed to the ground on her wedding day.

In a video posted on TikTok by a user identified as @ammy_mil, the bride was seen happily dancing to give a drink to her husband as custom demands.

Only for her to faint when she got to his seat. Guest rushed to her to help resuscitate her.

While some netizens insisted that it was the work of ‘village people’, others said she might have been very tired due to the marriage plans.

Watch the video below:

@Ladyp reacted: “I don’t think this one is about village people ooh. (1) the gown (2) the foot wear (3) The area the man was sitting. But hope everything went well.”

@Perpetual Chioma said: “This is not ordinary fall oo, she fainted and something was coming out from her mouth, I hope she is okay.”

@Chi_Exotic wrote: “Thank God the drink poured. Who knows if it was poisøned.”

@chachakay said: “Meaning say marriage don cancel in Igbo land it’s a very very bad omen for that drink to pour.”

@mimi said: “She didn’t look at the ground well there was something there that made her fall. Hope it went well.”

@kwintoyin290 added: “Why the husband go sit down for that kind place where Dey expect her to knell down on the stone or where.”

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