Moment lady cries a river after being exposed for doing exam malpractice

A Nigerian man burst into tears after she was caught allegedly engaged in exam malpractice.

A young Nigerian lady could not hold back her tears as she cries a river her after she was caught for her alleged involvement in exam malpractice.

A video which quickly gained attention online captured the moment a lady was made a scapegoat during an exam.

She was reportedly caught red-handed in the exam hall doing exam malpractice and was made to kneel in front of the entire class.

The video has since generated a buzz on social media from many users who could relate to cheating in the exam hall.

Watch the video below:

Reactions below:

amyxious_bubz said: “

No be say I too know book oo, but wen I was still in uni, I make sure I read well, alws jotting down wen lecturer is teaching so I can understand better, after writing the one I kwn in exam hall, I sort the rest ooo instead of carrying expo oo😂😂.”

jessy_de_gwinne_ wrote: “Y’all should also catch the person making videos in the exam hall.”

obaksolo stated: “Her ancestors have warned her before the Exam but she didn’t listen😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

_ade.bola wrote: “Everybody na Mallam 😢na who dey catch na barao 👏 my gender too like cheating 😂.”

boy_jeed said: “Everyone of us done this before, I pray it doesn’t after the process cause I already what it takes and how it feels to be here 😢, all the time and expenses🙏🏽.”

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