Moment two women fought dirty over a man in a restaurant

A viral video captures the moment two women fights dirty over a man at a restaurant in Zimbabwe.

A viral video captures the moment a fight between two ladies escalated quickly at a restaurant in Zimbabwe, after one of the lady discovered her boyfriend was on a date with another lady.

What started as a confrontation degenerated into fist cuff between the ladies and it was captured on video, which has since gone viral.

The incident occured in a restaurant called Chicken Inn in Zimbabwe.

Upon seeing her boyfriend with another lady, the lady lost control and confronted the other woman.

The boyfriend who the ladies were fighting over quietly left the environment without trying to separate the fight.

Security personnel and a staff member from the restaurant’s Chicken Inn franchise had to intervene in the matter due to the intensive nature of it

Despite their efforts, the confrontation continued to escalate to the disma6 of customers and onlookers.

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