Mother angry reaction trends as bride picks honey over Bible at traditional wedding

Drama in a wedding over a brides decision to pick a bottle of go ey over a Bible triggering her mother.

Drama ensues at a traditional wedding over the bride’s decision to pick honey over a Bible, triggering an angry reaction from her mother.

A TikTok video posted by @alaga_ire_ayo provokes discussion on the commebt section of the video.

The video showed online shows how angry her mother was over her daughter’s decision to pick a bottle of honey during her traditional wedding.

The MC during her wedding ceremony instructed the bride to choose one item from the gifts presented by the groom and his family as part of the bride price.

Despite the bride’s mother attempt to influence her daughter to choose the Bible, the bride insisted on picking the bottle of honey, leading to her mother’s abrupt departure in frustration.

Watch the video below:

Reactions below:
BlazerFreshchic opined: “I love that this generation is going back to tradition. Whoever messed up the previous generation with religion did a bad job. Good to see she stood her ground, she knows what she wanted. Mum picked what she wanted on her own wedding, so allow her the young lady pls.”

HTBILLION noted: “My own is why must the mother get angry to the extent of walking away. Mothers need to learn that their children will turn to adults and start talking their own decisions. She just wan use bad energy spoil the wedding.”

leoleoqueen said: “I think people brides should even stop picking picking Bible. It’s not only sweet words and blessings that’s in the bible, there are curses and adversaries in there. Honey is the best and that’s the Yoruba tradition.”

TajudeenR wrote: “And, honey is sweet. She wants a sweet life not a religious life. What’s wrong with that? The mother should step aside, be happy for her daughter and stop trying to keep controlling her adult /now married daughter.”

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