“Mr Ibu’s wife wanted to use the donations to buy iPhone 15, do butt surgery” – Verydarkman spills

VeryDarkMan, has revealed what Stella Maris wanted to spend her husband’s donations for her husband’s medical bills on.

Popular social media commentator, Verydarkman, has revealed what Mr Ibu’s wife, Stella Maris, wanted to spend the donations for her husband’s treatment on.

Speaking in a video that has gone viral, VeryDarkMan chastised Mr Ibu’s wife for complaining about being barred from receiving donations for her husband’s treatment.

He revealed that when the money donated got to N40 million, Stella Maris requested that some of the money be given to her in order for her to by the iPhone 15.

He also claimed that Stella has been asking for money for her upkeep, claiming that she needs to take care of her body as a young lady.

Verydarkman also claimed that when N1M was later given for her and her children’s upkeep, she used a large part of the money to buy a butt pad.

He stated that Stella’s lifestyle and actions are the main reasons she has been refused access to cash provided by others.

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