Mummy Zee dragged for calling her daughter’s school “shabby”

Viral internet sensation, Mummy Zee has been dragged online for calling out for describing her daughter’s school as shabby.

Viral internet sensation, Deborah Olaki Adebisi, better known online as Mummy Zee has been called out online for describing her daughter’s school as shabby.

Mummy Zee went viral on Twitter for saying she wakes up at 4;30 am to cook for her husband which earned her favour if many online.

However she has been dragged by a Twitter user for using a derogatory word to define her daughter’s school.

Mummy Zee in a now-deleted post on her page said that she can now change her daughter from her N10k per tern fees where they teach shabbily.

The post did not set well with X users who immediately called her to order. One even screenshoted the post and lambasted Mummy Zee over her post.

“This is wrong, Mummy Zee. Using “shabby,” a derogatory term, to define the teaching of a school that accommodated your kid despite paying a meager “10k per term” is wrong. At best, it suggests pomposity and an “I better pass my neighbor” mentality that most Nigerians display when they make little wealth or “upgrade their level.” “10k per term” is such a paltry fee that can even cr!pple the school’s growth. They have teachers who are paid monthly, they have a school building to maintain, and other recurrent expenditures yet, they charged that low because you and other parents couldn’t afford more. The school was suited for your level at the time. At best, you should appreciate the school for accommodating your child when life was rough.”.

Reacting to the post of the man, Mummy Zee apologized and deleted her tweet.

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