“My baby daddy charmed me to have intercourse with me” – Ashabi Olorisha spills

Popular Yoruba actress, Ashabi Olorisha speaks on how her baby daddy charmed her into having intercourse with him.

Popular Nigerian Yoruba actress, Ashabi Olorisha has narrated how her baby daddy charmed so that he can have intercourse with her.

In a recent inter view with Biola Bayo, on her talk show, Talk to B, she revealed that she was in a relationship at the time and was only friends with her son’s father.

She claimed that they were constantly seeing each other due to the close relationship they had and the sex just happened between them.

The actress claimed that their closeness caused her to become pregnant and that she is yet to have an explanation as on how they had intercourse.

She said: “I was in a relationship, but my baby father charmed me to have s3x with me (And u conceived my only child, after years of waiting)”.

“My son’s father was just my friend, he didn’t toast me. We were just friends and I had my own boyfriend, who was a Major in the Army, and there was another man who my family wanted me to marry because he is from Ikorodu.

The first time I slept with my friend, I got pregnant. I didn’t even know what led us to get intimate, cause my mother didn’t like him because of his tribe”.

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