My boyfriend dies at exactly 1 am every night” – Lady shares, seeks help

A lady online narrates an experience with her boyfriend who dies every night around 1 am.

A lady on social media has revealed how her experience she’s had with her boyfriend which occurs at 1 am every night that has left her utterly puzzled.

The lady took to a relationship platform online to reveal how her man stops breathing at exactly 1 am every night.

She said that during this period his heart stops beating, breathing appears to have stopped and when she checks for pulse, she finds none.

Also everything returns back to normal around 4 am. She mentioned that it has been happening since she moved in with him in August.

Check out her narration below …
“Hi. Please don’t post my name. I don’t know how to put this because it’s difficult to believe. Even I wouldn’t believe it if “it wasn’t happening in front of my eyes. My boyfriend dies exactly at 1am every night. His heart stops beating and he doesn’t breathe. There’s no pulse at all. His body parts do not move and his body gets cold. Exactly at 4am everything goes back to normal. This has been happening since I moved in with him in August. When I ask him in the morning he doesn’t seem yo remember a thing. I swear I am not making this up. Please see the video I’m sending after this message but don’t post it or share with anyone. What could be the cause of this? It terrifies me.”

The page admin who saw the supposed video reported …

“I watched the video 5 times. Even when she pinches him or shouts he doesn’t move. It’s like someone who had too much cheap alcohol and o bethile block. I don’t know what to think.”

One netizen opined …

“He has a condition called Sleep Apnea… Tell him to consult.”

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