“My ex lover stopped me from working” — Laide Bakare

Popular Nigerian actress, Laide Bak are reveals how her ex lover once put her on house arrest and prevented her from working.

A popular Nigerian actress, Laide Bakare, has revealed her ex-lover used to put her on house arrest and prevented her from working.

Laide Bakare stated that she could no longer sacrifice her life to appease those who were impeding her advancement.

She then went ahead to narrate how one of her former partners forbade her from working and forbade her from leaving the house because he wanted her to be a housewife.

In an exclusive interview with Legit, the controversial actress claimed that her children are the reason she works so hard and that they are her life.

She said; “I now have the life I wanted. Something I designed for myself. I foresaw the future. I tried another relationship and that one wouldn’t let me work. I couldn’t even step out of the gate of the house.

“I had two boys for him and I am grateful for that. My children are my life, they are the reason I am working so hard. Never say never but sometimes, it is what you want that you work towards.

“I know that maybe with old age, one may want to have a partner to gist with but with the plans I have for myself, my old age would not be boring.”

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