“My husband is cheating with different married women in his church” – Pastor’s wife spills

A pastor’s wife has exposed her husband for allegedly cheating on her with different women in his church.

A pastor’s wife has spilled her husband’s dirty secret after she claimed that he is cheating on her with different married woman in her church.

The lady who shared this secret with a relationship counseling site begged to stay anonymous. She claimed that she was and her husband has been married for 10 years.

According to her, her husband has been cheating on her with different women in his church. She also noted that he goes for those who are married, than the single ladies.

She also accused her husband and his colleagues of performing rituals at night in order to enrich himself but appear in church pretending to be holier than thou.

See her narration below:

“Dear Auntie Mo. Please don’t reveal my name. I’m a pastor’s wife and we have been married for 10 years. My husband is cheating on me with different women in his church, he specifically prefers those who are married. But this is not the reason I’m writing to you. I’m writing to warn people who put too much faith and trust in these modern pastors. My husband prays for so many people daily, but when night comes he’s a d.ev.ilworshipper. Him and pastors from other churches meet every Saturday night to perform evil rituals to enrich themselves. They drink bl.oo.d and other disgusting things. The following day they’ll go to church and pretend to be God’s BFFs. Some of your problems are not going away because you are letting Sat.an’s children put their dirty hands on your heads. Be careful.”

See how netizens reacted below:

Privilege Moyo said: “A pic of him would have helped us a lot so we stay away from your husband pastor😅”

Zipho advised: “Try to find a way to leave unless you fear what people will say but this is deep we talking about your own soul too that might be in fight with his bad spirits.”

Reneiloe Mooketsi stated: “Yes she’s still with him.. do u think that she can leave with all the information that she knows?? People are so naive to even ask such questions‼️ most pastors do these things I’m not shocked. Even sangomas thwala & date multiple women to feed whatever they have..”

Bongsman wrote: “According to my senses…it’s a ‘take it or leave it’ ting so if you wanna come here and argue kuth why is she still with him or the other around then that’s for you to decide. I’ve learnt that everyday has its own Iessons in life so that’s one for me today. ThanQue you🥂 I’m out🧏”

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