“My husband is the first man I dated” – Chisom Steve

Nigerian actress, Chisholm Steve has confessed that she has never dated anyone before marrying her husband, Ogbinnaya Ikenna Daniel.

Popular Nigerian Actress, Chisom Steve has confessed that she had never dated anyone before meeting and marrying her husband, Ogbonnaya Ikenna Daniel.

She made this known in a YouTube video while discussing about her marriage to the naval officer and how she fell in love with her partner.

The actress noted that she met him on Instagram and she knew he was destined to be her husband as soon as she saw his photo on the Explore tab.

Chisom also added that she had informed her friends and sisters back then that she had discovered the man she would spend the rest of her life with, but they did not believe her.

She said: “This man happens to be my first boyfriend ever and my only boyfriend. And he ended up my husband. Is that not miraculous God working? Is that not Baba God working?

I don’t know what it means to say my ex. I did not do relationships. I met this man. he was my first boyfriend and he ended up my one and only husband. Even after this world”.

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