“N200K food wasted” – Mom laments after her friends failed to show up for her daughter’s birthday

A heartbroken mother takes to her social media to lament after her friends failed to show up after spending money on food for ger daughter’s birthday.

A mother has lamented on her social media after she spent so much on food and decorations for her daughter’s birthday only for her friends not to show up.

The lady took to TikTok, via aaliyah_alena327, to share her disappointment on how much she wasted for the celebration.

She revealed that she put in some efforts that throw the party and even spent $225 on the food she prepared for the birthday.

She noted that it was only her boyfriend that had turned up for the event, and none of her friends showed up for the birthday.

Sharing the video, she captioned …

“How do you react when nobody shows up to your daughter’s party? $225 worth of food. My boyfriend’s family is eating goood tonight. This is the support system I have for my daughter. Happy Birthday My lil mermaid!! Remember blood is no thicker than water.”

Watch the video below:


I wont be seeing you in the new year😂😂

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Check out how netizens reacted:

JuicyPeach 03 said: “One reason I don’t really have parties anymore, trips will always be my go to.”

@big_mommastarz84 said: “I spent thousands. Hired a photographer and had a cake made. Fireworks and everything and none of my family showed up. I cut them off that day.”

Honesty commented: “Can we get an Amazon wishlist for baby girls birthday? Happy birthday princess.”

Nikki commented: “This why I don’t throw parties no more I realize it’s just me my husband and our 8 children at the end of the day.”

KC Lydia said: “Girl we stopped having parties. this yr i spent over $800 for a birthday for my son. EVERYONE was late. I’m talking an hr & some change late.”

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