Naira Marley to sue K-Solo for defamation of character over allegations on Mohbad’s death

Nigerian Afro Streetpop singer, Naira Marley threatens to sue K-Solo for defamation of character over Mohbad’s death.

Marlian Music label boss and afro Streetpop singer, Naira Marley has threatened to sue K-Solo for defaming him.

This is coming after K-Solo during his interview on Channels TV’s program, Rubbin’ Minds, claimed that Naira Marley is involved in death of his Mohbad.

During the interview, K-Solo had said:

“Naira Marley is involved (in Mohbad’s death). He cannot tell me he is not involved. He has a hand in his death.”

Responding to this, Naira Marley’s team, in a statement released on Thursday, 26th of October said that legal actions will be taken against K-Solo for defaming the singer.

Individuals in the statement were warned about making baseless claims about the singer. Adding that anyone who makes any allegations against Naira Marley would have to back it up with proof, both on the net and in court.

The statement read:

“The legal team representing Naira Marley will be initiating legal action against K-Solo for defamation of character. It is essential to emphasize that making unfounded allegations and false statements can have far-reaching consequences. Accusations of this nature not only tarnish the image of the accused but also perpetuate baseless claims that have spread like wildfire because elements like K-Solo and others (especially two known actresses) have speared head of the campaign of calumny against the person of Naira for reasons best known to them.

In the past, we kept quiet because we wanted to honour the memory of the dead and honour the relationship with him but we realized many people are setting a negative agenda and spreading a negative narrative against Naira Marley. We will no longer fold our hands and watch people with a negative agenda drag Naira Marley, and neither would we allow them to achieve their aim of declaring him guilty for an offense he did not commit at all cost.

From this moment on anyone who alleges must present concrete proof not only on the Internet but also in a Court of Law. Every falsehood and rumor will be met with severity and full weight of the law.

Naira Marley has consistently refuted any involvement in Mohbad’s tragic passing and has vehemently denied the allegations put forth by K-Solo. We will give K-Solo the opportunity to provide evidence and prove his accusation, the same honour he didn’t extend to the Naira-fair hearing.

We urge all concerned parties to avoid the further spreading of unverified information that can harm reputations and hinder the truth from emerging.

It is Justice we seek for Mohbad and Justice we must get, we cannot seek Justice for one and expect another person to be declared guilty for an offense he didn’t commit.”

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