Netizens drag Yul Edochie for his advice on gender equality


  • Controversial actor, Yul Edochie has been bashed by social media users after he shared an advise on gender equality.
  • He took to his instagram to advise parents about treating both child fairly regardless of gender.
  • However, this did not sit well with some people who questioned him on whether he treated his first wife, May Edochie fairly.

Controversial actor and producer, Yul Edochie, has come under fire after advising people on gender equality.

The actor recently took to his Instagram to advise parents.

He noted that no child is more important than the other.

He called on parents to treat their kids with love and be grateful for whichever gender they have.

Yul Edochie wrote:

“A female child is not more important than a male child. A male child is not more important than a female child. Treat all children with love. And be grateful to God for any one he gives you”.

See reaction below:

A fan wrote in a lengthy comment: Ndi motivation well-done ooo , as you go born one outside your marriage with another man wife who knows if nah only one self, Biko rest cos you are not supposed to motivate anyone abeg, if nah Queen May ???? go born male child outside una marriage, the world and you for tagged her bad wife and say nah so women dey do, but table turn , you come here dey worry us with motivational quotes to cover your nonsense go and rest Biko

Another wrote: ou say treat female child equally but you’ve treated another person’s female child badly. How would you feel if your female child’s husband gets another lady pregnant and pays her bride price and makes her his second wife?

A fan penned: This one wey u don turn motivational speaker .. Wetin sup?

Another wrote: U have both yet u married a second wife … Oga Rest pls

An angry Netizen wrote: First wife that suffered with you from your early beginnings is more important than your second very loose woman that started sleeping around while still married to her first husband.

He continued: Treat your first wife like an angel she is! You follow your second loose wife and yet you are not following your precious wife. You posting your motivation speeches every second you need it more than we do .

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