Netizens react as mother installs frontal wig for her daughter for first birthday

Netizens express their disgusted after a woman took her little daughter to a hair stylist to install a frontal wig on her daughter to mark her first birthday.

Netizens have their disgust and anger after a mother takes her little daughter to the hairdresser to install a frontal wig to mark her first birthday.

This video was shared by the hairdresser on her Tiktok account,, in a bid to promote her work.

In the video, the mother held her daughter on her lap while the hairdresser struggle to install the frontal.

Although the young girl did not cry or give a lot of trouble, many have condemned the mother and hairdresser for this.

Watch the video below:

See some reactions below:

@lisastylist1 wrote: “This is why ppl think Hairdressing is for the uneducated…….. please remove yourself from our industry. 🙏🏿”

@Akpe mama said: “I will do the same as a mom anyway!! Lil mama could be turning 1 and needs a pretty photoshoot done!! abi una Dey see the kyn hair she get🤷🏿”

@Rhandzu🦄 reacted: “If I catch the mother 😭😭😭😭😭💔”

@simanye added: “I blame money here not mother money is the problem here 🥺let the baby be a baby please I’m not jealous but it’s too much for her😭”

@SweetPotatoSwish said: “This breaks my heart in a way I can’t describe”

@Evea’s hair wrote: “Happy birthday to her 🥰🥰but can’t watch my baby pass through all this stress all in d name of fashion,,she is still a child..”

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