New husband seeks for advice as wife asks him to quit banking job because his ex-girlfriend works there

A newly married husband is in a dilemma after his wife asked him to quit his banking joy that pays one million naira because his ex girlfriends works there.

A newly married husband is in a dilemma as his new wife asks him to quit his banking job that pays 1 Million Naira because his ex-girlfriend also works there.

The story was narrated on X by @danielholkss.

According to his narration, the couple got married 8 months ago and before their marriage, the husband worked together with his ex-girlfriend.

This became a problem as the wife is scared about the possibility of her husband and ex-girlfriend rekindling old flames.

Although the banking job pays him very well his wife is still insisting that he should quit and join her in managing her shop.

Her family has agreed to her proposition while his family asks that they are left out of the matter.

He wrote; “My friend is having a big problem in his marriage. He is newly wedded of just 8 months.

He works in the same bank with his ex-girlfriend.

He is comfortable and well to do. He works in a bank in Nigeria and earns more than 1M monthly plus other benefits. He has opened shops for the wife in different locations, and these are doing well, too. But here is where the problem lies, his wife wants him to resign from his job, and the reason is that she is not comfortable with the husband working in the same bank with his ex. She is scared they might be getting back together, the wife’s family are involved, and they also support this. The husband’s family told him to find a way to sort it. They don’t want to be involved.

Should he resign?”

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