Newlywed man seeks advice after discovering wife owes N257 million debt on wedding night

A newly Wed man seeks for advice online after discovering his wifes debt amounting to N245 million in their wedding might.

A newlywed man takes to social media to seek advice after discovering his wife’s substantial debt amounting to the sum of N245 million on their wedding night.

The heartbroken man, who recently tied the knot with his wife could not help but express his dismay at the unexpected financial burden.

The anonymous Reddit user, posting under the handle “Throwaway4DebtHell,” where he spoke on the bombshell dropped by his wife on their first night of marriage.

He detailed the significant debt his wife had accumulated, amounting to $160,000 (N245 million), which she now expects him to help repay.

Despite having personal savings of $30,000 and investments totaling $120,000, he was taken aback by the sudden revelation and the current pressure on him to contribute to helping her clear her debts.

The husband shared his dilemma on how to approach the situation, expressing regret that he would have reconsidered marriage had he been aware of his wife’s financial struggles earlier.

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