Nigeria Police faces backlash for acknowledging AI TikToker, Jarvis

The Nigerian police have been ridiculed online for acknowledging popular Tiktoker, AI Jadrolita.

The famous TikToker, Jarvis better known as Nigerian AI Jadrolita stirs discussion online after she was acknowledged by the Nigeria Police Force, and invited by the Force’s PRO for a visitation.

In a recent post on her official X page, Jarvis shared photos of herself with her team and the Police PRO at his Lagos office.

According to the tiktoker, she was acknowledged by ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi without stating the reason for the invite.

Expressing her gratitude, she took to her page to appreciate ACP Olumuyiwa for the honour.

“It was a great pleasure to be acknowledged and invited by the @nigeriapoliceforce PRO, thank you so much sir for welcoming I and my team and it was indeed a great privilege,” she wrote.

However, she has been criticized online by many who questioned why the Nigeria Police Force deemed it worthy to have her acknowledged and what impact she has security challenges of the country.

Reactions below:
abazwhyllzz stated: “Inviting you to come and blow bubbles and fïght crimès or for what exactly?”

hackSultan said: “This is commendable, it’s important that our forces know when to seek help and use the resources we have, Americans have Iron Man, we have Javis Android AI. Let the crime fighting begin🤝🤝🤝.”

desmond_ibude opined: “They invited your team to fight crime or am I missing something?”

_diyah01 noted: “acknowledged by the police for what?
helping to fight crime?
being a model citizen?
helping people in need?
this country is a joke walahi”

AimThaMachine_ wrote: “Acknowledged by the @PoliceNG in what capacity? Will you be flying around Lagos intercepting crimes? Why is she being relevant?

Is she related to someone in the Nigerian Police Force or Nigerian Police Commission? Is she related to someone in Balablu government? Watin be this?”

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