Nigerian-American artists accuse Portable of assault and also stealing $30k from them

Nigerian American artists has accused Portable of manhandling him and allegedly stealing about $30,000 from them.

Nigerian-American artists has claimed that they were manhandled by Nigerian singer Portable, who also allegedly stole about $30,000 from them.

This coming some days after Portable was allegedly attacked at his recent show.

While full details regarding the cause of the altercation have not been made public by the police investigating the matter, the alleged victims, who are Nigerian-American citizens, have released a video narrating their side of the story.

According to them, Portable was invited to perform at an event but it did not go smoothly as an issue came up leading to a misunderstanding.

However, they claim Portable refused to settle and even threatened violence, stating they should not get close to him as he might hit them.

The statement made by the duo alleges that Portable assaulted them in the presence of the police.

One of them claimed he was bitten by the singer, and their crew members was arrested and detained.

Portable also allegedly took their belongings, including various items such as shirts, glasses, and the alleged sum of $30,000, which they had planned to use to buy a car.

Watch the video below:

See some reactions below:

@Omoadeleye: “They are lying, see how they comport themselves and gaslighting, imagine, he dey receive treatment from the punch potable gave him, even Charles Okocha that faced him in the ring didn’t go for any treatment.”

@Xper09: “Portable go soon come tell us the truth of the matter, as he no sabi keep secrets, anything portable talk is final.”

@swankieDiva: “Bite marks won’t show a round red patch . It looks made up . Bite leaves marks the shape of the teeth . I know this cos I bite well those younger fighting days in boarding school.”

@Hammedojo8: “They are liar when it comes to that sum of $30,000 portable may be lousy and not patient in his character in this area they need to be factual about their words lolz so imagine $30,000 USD money laundry.”

@debo_rev: “These two guys don’t even know how to lie… I thought you guys said Nigeria is a zoo? What are you coming back to the zoo to do now?”

@masonndubuisi3: “I’m an Igbo guy and this guys are from my tribe I see no single truth from what they are saying.”

@abi4u2011: “How can you go to someone’s home to assault him and still claim you were robbed. These guys don’t know how to lie and don’t know the law. You were to his home for goodness sake.”

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