Nigerian man becomes homeless in UK after wife called police on him as she falls in love with female friend

A Nigerian man becomes homeless in UK after his wife called police in him for quarrelling with her after he caught her in bed with a female friend she is in love with.

A Nigerian man recently became homeless in the UK after his wife called the police on him for quarreling with her after he caught her in bed with her female friend whom she claim she is in love with.

This narration was shared on X by Dr.Penking, who noted that the man became homeless on the 15th of December, few days to Christmas.

According to the narration, the man secured visa for his wife and 3 kids to move to the UK in 2021. However, things took a different turn after his wife secretly prepared documents for a friend of hers from Oshogbo who eventually joined them in the UK.

He revealed that the new friend and the man’s wife became so close that they did everything together and spent almost all their time together without him suspecting anything.

On coming home one day, he caught his wife with the said friend in bed, and an altercation followed which resulted in the woman calling police to throw him out of the house.

Read Dr Penking’s full account below:

“A man and his wife were able to secure UK VISA for themselves and their 3 children. It was a dream come true for them as they had been working on it for a very long time. They got to UK in 2022. Everything was smooth and sweet. The wife was schooling. The husband was taking care of the children and also working to support the wife’s schooling. The wife secretly started preparing documents for her friend from Oshogbo . She eventually went over to UK to join them. The wife would spend almost all her time with the friend and do almost everything together.

The husband started questioning her but she claimed her friend was just in need of help to settle in. She started calling him inconsiderate . Subsequent unfolding of events made the man grow even more suspicious. He installed spy cameras in his bedroom and realized that his dear wife was sleeping with her friend on his matrimonial bed . He couldn’t believe his eyes. He accosted her and she finally openly admitted that she is in love with the friend and wanted to be with her. It lead to a physical altercation and the police threw the man out.

The man became homeless in UK as at 15th December, 2023.”

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