Nigerian man falls victim to a scam, buys fake iPhone 6 filled with makeup kits

A Nigerian man has found himself in a tight situation after he was sold a fake iphone just to discover that it contained a makeup kit inside.

A Nigerian man sparks reaction on social media after he purchased what he thought was an iPhone 6, only to find out that it contained makeup kits inside.

In a video captioned ‘No way they scammed me,’ the Nigerian man showed off the phone which appeared authentic and original from the outside, including the back.

However, when he attempted to use the phone by pressing its buttons, it failed to respond or power on.

Upon sliding the phone he discovered that instead of the mobile device, it contained makeup kits, with various shades of eye shadow.

Watch the video below:

See some reactions below:

latifa gh: “that’s iphone 16.5 the all in one package.”

Adjji Akram Ismail Moti: “Duh..thats an iphone 19pro max with inbuilt live pic filters. enjoy the filters.”

____Mayowa 💻👨‍💻👩‍💻: “dey sha still sell phone for you.”

Ohzzy: “I couldn’t hold back my laughter.”

Qwecy Gentle: “well, this is new entirely, I think the Ghana boys haven’t seen this update yet.”

~♡!!: “atleast you have the best shades of eyeshadow.”

sbg: “When she tells u, I’m using an iPhone but my battery is flat…. Be warned, it might be this.”

derrick james: “valentine is near gift your girlfriend 😂 she will appreciate it 🤣🤣its called GG in football betting.”

mhiz B: “I fit just Craz blood go full everywhere.”

Mnaste: “I was expecting android brand.”

Adu Sika Biznex; “Giv it to ur girlfriend bruh.”

KOKO: “When you enter Lagos shebi na “THIS IS LAGOS” dem use welcome you.”

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