Nigerian man in shock as his Ghanaian girlfriend adds raw eggs and milk to Indomie

A Nigerian man sparks reaction on social media as he shares the noodles his Ghanaian girlfriend made for him with raw egg and milk.

A Nigerian man sparked discussions on social media after he exposed his Ghanaian girlfriend who added raw eggs and a tin of milk into her Indomie.

Sharing the video he captioned it ‘This Ghana girl will not kill me,’ the Nigerian man could be heard shouting in disbelief over the strange combination.

He further explained that he had asked earlier that day to make breakfast for both of them.

To his greatest surprise, she made Indomie and added milk, claiming it would make him feel fresh.

Yet to recover from the shock, he discovered that his Ghanaian girlfriend had also added raw eggs to the Indomie.

Watch the video below:


This 🇬🇭 girl will not kill me😋

♬ original sound – mobnation825

See some reactions below:

A. Yusuf-: “Sacrifice for the gods.”

Charles: “Who else thought that was pap.”

Y S M: “Get the difference between indomie and spaghetti bro.”

ifeanyi: “My brother run ooooo see you see toilet.”

RSkudjo: “eeerrr, we don’t know where dis one is from in Ghana. Majority of Ghanaians don’t eat or know this kind food.”

Jones Sandra: “Thank you for this information it will go a long way for us 😂😂😂 tho I’m America but y’all Africans making this internet fun for me.”

Ijluv2: “She no even put egg.”

Sdmusic Beats: “I will try this combination.”

Junior: “in Ghana there is different between indomi n normal spaghetti, u can eat milk with pawpaw and spaghetti here.”

user6356682105193: “breakfast don sure….bros run for ur life.”

juss_via: “Nah so Ghana Dey do.”

Jory 001: “Normally Ghana things dey always dey different 😂imagine the raw salad wey she make for breakfast.guy if u chop dat rubbish ti en ti baje.”

Darling Ton: “Aww i pitty this my Nigerian brother😂😂 its an Italain meal go search am on google.”

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