Nigerian man to share 15 new laptops, N2 million in giveaway with followers after winning N102 million on SportyBet

A Nigerian man identified as Mr Bayo has announced his plans to share N2 million to his fans and also 15 brand new laptops after winning 102 million naira on sportybet.

A Nigerian man identified as Mr. Bayo has announced plans to share N2 million with his lucky followers, along with 15 brand new laptops, just a day after winning N102 million on SportyBet.

On Friday, November 11, Mr. Bayo took to his X page to celebrate and show off the large sum of money he won overnight in a game played on the SportyBet website.

He shared his thoughts on the win, saying, “WON 102 MILLION NAIRA OVERNIGHT!! Y’all know I’m not a basketball fan, thought about tactics, tried picking on NCAA, wanted to try first to see if it’s good before putting it out.”

“Mixed emotions – winning brings me joy, but doing it together would have been better. Again, this was a trial. Hope we can do it together soon.”

Just a day later, he announced to his followers that he will having some giveaway due to his inability to carry his fans along.

His statement: “This ones don quickly de collect electronic transfer levy. Anyways guys I have decided to share (15 brand new laptops) (2 million naira giveaway for my followers).”

“This is just to say I’m sorry for not sharing the game; it was as painful to you as it is to me too. But I know winning together is certain.”

“This starts on Monday!!! It’s the weekend, bet responsibly, or don’t bet at all. Let’s get the weekend started.”


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